Santi website security system

It’s impossible to imagine a life of the 21st century person without websites. People search for books, recipes, medical articles and photos. Companies look for tenders or send financial statements via the internet and open business in the global network.

But a wholly-owned trust to any, we underline it, any website can be undermined by network attacks, hacking and viruses. Their ultimate goal is acquiring information, often the financial one, with further extortion or discrediting the victim. Thus, any website is a medal with two sides: on one hand, the unlimited access to necessary content and functionality; on the other hand, a potentially dangerous website that can cause leakage of confidential information and infect a visitor’s computer with all sorts of viruses.

When a website is hacked, both sides suffer. Website visitors risk their data and finances, the infected/hacked websites risk the reputation, data integrity, positions in search engines, number of visitors and on-line business.

In search for solutions to these problems in practice, we have developed new functional software — SANTI website antivirus.

What is SANTI website antivirus?

We offer you a simple, functional and effective website antivirus, completely open and free.  SANTI website antivirus has broad solutions comparing to currently available website antiviruses regarding user interface, tools and availability.

Who needs SANTI website antivirus?

  • SANTI website antivirus is essential software for
  • Website developers;
  • Website owners;
  • Programmers interested in the basics of web-security;
  • Hosting companies;
  • Owners of Internet services;
  • Public organizations;
  • Anyone who can not afford risking the trust and personal information of website visitors.

How can SANTI help you?

SANTI website antivirus will help website developers and owners in such tasks as

  • Timely website treatment;
  • Finding malicious scripts, removing viruses from the website;
  • Removing iframe inserts, reference inserts, file modifications on the website and other known malicious programs;
  • Easily find new and modified files;
  • Detecting changes in website databases;
  • Alerts of problems connected with blocking website in Bing or Google search engines;
  • Monitoring website security;
  • Backup and restoration of data and files if the website is infected or hacked;

Main tools of the website antivirus

  • Protected interface;
  • Self-defense from off-site interference;
  • Automatic scan for file changes on the website;
  • Automatic scan for changes in the website databases;
  • Detection of malicious actions — new files; file modifications; changed file rights; iframe inserts; shell scripts; unix files; encrypted code; malicious scripts; link directories; hidden files; doorways; .htaccess modifications; hidden php code; re-linkers; file reading errors; large folders; suspicious content; Yandex blocking; Google blocking; deleting files; interference into the antivirus;
  • Automatic back up of the website data (with an option of transfer to the cloud server);
  • Recommendations on removing viruses from the website;
  • Treatment and removing interferences tools;
  • Up-to-date notification system via SMS and E-mail.

SANTI Internet Antivirus also offers various tools and features enhancing website security and removing results of website attacks

  • Complex password generator;
  • Toolkit for blocking a website for a period of treatment;
  • Utilities for back up and restoration of website files;
  • Utility for editing website files;
  • Utility for smart file search on the website;
  • Utility for removing multiple malicious insertions, for example iframe;
  • Notifications of detected vulnerabilities on the website and in the antivirus;
  • Utilities for configuration of the FTP access.

The advantages of SANTI website antivirus

Besides being an open and free project, we should mention such obvious advantages of SANTI as

  • Quick installation – copy and run;
  • Constant improvement;
  • No need for deep knowledge of internet security;
  • Full user-friendly interface;
  • No requirements for databases and specific libraries at the hosting;
  • Notifications of suspicious events via SMS and e-mail.

So, you want your website, visitors and yourself to be safe while working in the Internet? You need a modern functional tool to help you protect your website from intruders, hackers and malware? You want to save your website from suspicious content? SANTI is the first software to help you with that.

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