Today internet has penetrated into all spheres of our lives. People relax, have fun, learn new information and communicate in the internet. It allows people to choose a product they need, buy or sell anything.

Undoubtedly, WEB is the best means of communication. Internet has become a fresh breath for development of international companies and business as a whole. Some companies use it to multiply income from websites and take it to new levels, other build their business in the internet and grow it to an unimaginable turnover. Today internet consists of millions of websites types and services. The global Internet audience is billions of people.

Such a high interest in the internet among consumers and companies selling products and services, could not but give rise to a third dark side of the audience and business — hackers, website crackers, viruses and fraud in the network. Every year millions of websites are hacked, starting from corporate websites and entertainment platform to state web portals.

All hackers have the same goal — use website visitors and benefit from them. Usually, a hacker embeds viruses into the website. They infect the visitor’s computer and extort money or steal financial information, withdraw money from the victim’s bank account and credit card.

Both the user and hacked website suffer from these criminal actions. At that, the hacked website is mostly liable for possible consequences with a user.

Every website visitor is a guest who trusts you, relies on you and you can not afford to deceive their trust and let someone infect your guests and steal from them. It’s not all the problems, there is still a possibility of losing all website files, be blocked by search engines and many other things.

Unfortunately, the internet architecture is not a safe environment. When developing the website, programmers rarely think about security of the code and often do not have enough qualification regarding it. Besides vulnerabilities in the webpage source code, there are leaks of access to the server with website files.

To protect the websites, their owners need to hire security specialists, programmers and administrators and constantly monitor integrity of the internet project. But few companies can afford it and millions of websites and their visitors are still vulnerable.

It seems that solution is on the surface, all we need is an intelligent monitoring and website treatment system, a website antivirus. It’s NONSENSE, but it didn’t exist and we decided to fix this unprecedented oversight. We present to you our open source project – website antivirus SANTI.

SANTI is a multi-platform online antivirus with a user-friendly interface and easy installation. SANTI has plenty of tools, methods and algorithms for website security and timely reaction to threats. SANTI is an automatic scheduled website scanning system. It automatically checks integrity of your website files and databases, back-ups the website to a cloud server and checks the website status in search engines.

SANTI can detect types of threats and help to cure them.

Our project has a set of support tools for protecting your website once and for all.

If something happens to your site, SANTI immediately informs you about the threat via SMS or email, helps you block the website for a period of the attack and won’t let you lose your face in front of the visitors.

SANTI is a unique open project. Install the script of SANTI website antivirus to your website and stop worrying. We invite like-minded people to work on the antivirus with us. Let’s make the internet a safe place together!

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