Current functionality

The current version is 0.5.


  • Scanning for file changes;
  • Back-up of website files, also to the cloud;
  • Back-up of website database, also to the cloud;
  • Monitoring Yandex and Google search engines for blocking the website;
  • Scanning the website by 50 desktop antivirus programs for infection and blocking;
  • Using our own CRON server;
  • SMS and e-mail alerts.


  • Backup and recovery;
  • Blocking the website;
  • PHP info;
  • News;
  • Date-file search;
  • File editor;
  • Finding and removing malicious scripts.


  • Tablet PC support;
  • Secure login to the control panel;
  • Alert management and monitoring screen;
  • Product news notifications;
  • SANTI updates notifications;
  • On-line consultant.